About Us

The ModUrn Group has proudly created the world’s first Urns and Mementos combining innovative design and smart technology.

We now have a new way to store, keep and share your loved one’s life stories with social connectivity via ModUrn’s Hybrid App.

Our innovative contemporary Urns and mementos offer a thoughtful and powerful product to watch our short explainer video's click here for PEOPLE and PETS.

ModUrn has collaborated with an all-star Australian team to create a thoughtful and secure experience for individuals and families whom are in need. Our aim was to create a product that not only looks amazing but is smart and contemporary. Our Urns and Memento's have the capacity to partner with its custodian to reflect and celebrate a life by acting as the tool to connect and support family and friends during a difficult time.

ModUrn was created and envisioned by founder Sonia Vachalec after losing her father and step father out of a need to honour, celebrate and feel close to loved ones whom have passed by focusing our attention on celebrating life rather than the often devastating and sad goodbye.

We believe that our products have the potential to change the way people and families prepare for the inevitable, leave their legacy, to honour and memorialise their loved ones and record and engage our family history.

ModUrn aspires to be the most recognised symbol worldwide to celebrate and honour life.

We hope to help families and friends feel "Forever comforted and connected by the legacy of our loved one's".

“ModUrn is trade mark of Modurn Sales Pty Ltd in Australia, USA, New Zealand, China, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea. These products are sold and distributed under the trademark and name SmartUrn in the UK.”

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