Modurn Experience

Imagine being able to read a story to your unborn grandchild, leave milestone messages and advice for your children that you may not get to see grow up, capture the beautiful memories of a family member suffering dementia before those memories and wisdom disappear or to leave your life’s meaning and legacy behind, for those who love you to cherish.

This is the power of modUrn, watch our short EXPLAINER VIDEO here.

The world’s first Smart Cremation Urn and Memento products. The smart technology incorporated into the contemporary design of the Urn or Memento encourages storytelling about passions and interests, allows friends and family to share and contribute forming a supportive network, preserving meaningful memories for loved ones left behind and creating a rich tapestry of ancestral history for generations to come.

The easy-to-use modUrn smartphone and tablet app provides family members and friends at any location with the ability to contribute to profile / bio pages, which provide deep insight into who the person was; their passions; achievements and lessons learned. A rich experience timeline enables connected family and friends to reminisce and collectively contribute to moments shared in video, photo and text formats. The app has specific areas to record a health journey and upload critical documents to pass on important information to future generations, allowing them to trace back potential genetic issues or illnesses through family lines. All information is kept privately with secure features to protect personal information.

You can experience modUrn either by Purchasing an Urn or Memento, by being in the vicinity of a smart Urn or Memento, by being invited to join a life story through your network to collaborate or view, or by downloading as a new user from the App Store.

The platform has a high level of security, secure log in, access levels and ongoing hosting.

There are two product lines for People and Pets within our Innovative range of Urns and Mementos.  Our smart Urns and Mementos are fitted with bluetooth beacon technology linking the product to a secure App and life story platform.

The future of memorialisation is here!

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