ModUrn Customisation

We were really moved this week as we received two enquiries about unique design options for our new line of smart Urns from the US and UK.

The designs are displayed below for requests for a Rasta motif for a beloved sister and a world map request for a family member who loved adventure and spent most of their lives overseas.

Urns and memorials today are a reflection of the individuals life and passions. Family’s are fulfilling a strong need to honour, celebrate and keep their loved ones close. As cremation rates rise worldwide we are seeing this distinct shift and trend.

I can’t think of a better way to store and record a loved ones life and legacy and is the very essence of why I created modUrn.

See my Dads Urn below – this is the first ever customised modUrn. My dad Denis and affectionately aka Den, Fitzy and Oompa loved his North Sydney Bears. his mates and his family. Dad used to watch 3 sets of news broadcast in a row in the evenings (same news 3x) it used to drive my mum crazy but that was Dad. The newspaper wrap was a perfect backdrop for his Urn and the customised dates, names, colour and footy emblem. Dad sits proudly at home in our living area and we get to share our day to day with him even still and most evenings the news too!

He never feels too far away and we access and connect with him via the App with videos and experience memories regularly.

Dad would love it and as a parent I love that my daughter will know her Oompa and the unique person that he was.

I know that once families receive their customised modUrn they will treasure and love theirs too!

Cheers, team modUrn.