Even though Dad is gone we still get to share our life with him every day.

My dad was only 66 when he died from bowel cancer. It was such a devastating time, as everyone who has lost someone irreplaceable will know. I often found myself stuck in the emotion and sadness of that day and his struggle, but I know that Dad would never want me to focus on those last few hours, but rather the amazing years we had together.

I did not feel there was a solution to keep and share our memories or Dad’s life story. I wanted my daughter to know who her grandfather was and have a reference for our time together. We spent two years creating something that could connect my Dad and our memories by utilising design and technology and it is called modUrn.

ModUrn is a life Story App that stores content, memories, media and more, that connects to a Memento or Cremation Urn.

It is the most advanced solution to document a life story and legacy and to honour and memorialise someone you love.

My Dad (Denis) was affectionately also known as Den, Fitzy and Oompa. He loved his North Sydney Bears his mates and his family. Dad used to watch 3 sets of news broadcast in a row in the evenings (same news 3x) it used to drive my mum crazy, but that was Dad. The newspaper wrap was a perfect backdrop for his customised Urn and important dates, names, colour and footy emblem.

The connected life Story App celebrates our time together, by using photos, linked videos and it even has a place for his favourite song, sayings and all of the things that made him unique. Dad sits proudly at home in our living area and we get to share our day to day with him even still and most evenings the news too!

Dad would have loved his Urn and it gives my family great comfort knowing that we have honoured him in such a way. I find my daughter sometimes holding the Urn and talking to her Oompa, it is truly a beautiful lasting memorial to him that we all cherish.

Through Dads modUrn Urn we have a beautiful reference and ongoing connection to him. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate the life of someone you love.



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